AC charging station
"Single" - is a 5 amp - 80 amp charging station with 1 connector that can be used as a home or a commercial charging solution.

Max power: АС-42kW.

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from € 399


AC charging station
A charging station with up to 3 connectors. A perfect solution for restaurants, malls, supermarkets, hotels, offices, parks, etc. Best power electronics solutions in a modern design.

Max power: AC-84kW.

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from € 1 300

DC Travel Charger

DC Mobile charging station
Turn any AC power socket into a DC charger with this mobile solution by AutoEnterprise. Plug in and get access to the maximum power the socket has to offer. Flexibility and productivity without any limits.

Max power: DC-30kW.

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from € 5 000

Wall Charge Complex

AC/DC charging station
Wall Complex - is the latest charging station by AutoEnterprise. We made a Fast Charger smaller without compromising functionality by using new charging modules.

Max power: DC-120kW; AC-84kW.

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from € 7 500

Charge Complex-T

AC/DC charging station
Charge Compex-T - is a new, fast station by AutoEnterprise.

Max power: DC-240kW; AC-84kW.

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from € 19 000

Charge Complex-Y

AC/DC charging station
Charging Complex «Y» - is an innovative, powerful and unparalleled charger from AutoEnterprise. Available in versions up to 567 kW.

Max power: DC-330kW; AC-84kW.

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from € 67 500

Mobile App

Every charging point in one app.
The mobile app was created to make the charging experience as convenient as never before.
By using an interactive map and filters you can always find the perfect spot to charge. Looking for the nearest charger? Or a specific connector? Need to find a place to have dinner or stay the night and charge your EV? We have it all. Just pick a place and manage your charging process.

Are you a charging station owner? With this mobile app you get instant access to the station description, photos, reviews and tariff settings.

Web Application

Manage your charging stations in AutoEnterprise WEB-application.
Get full access to your station information and photos, mark nearby amenities to attract more EV drivers, respond to reviews, set the power limit for any connector and manage tariffs.
Detailed reports and analytics are available in CSV, Excel, PDF. Everything you need for efficient management.

EV drivers can use this WEB-application to find charging stations, top up their balance and manage their charging process.


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